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  • R.D. Sharma
  • IIT (Question Bank) Disha Latest Update (Mamta Batra)
  • Cengage (G. Tewani)
  • Arihant New Pattern (Dr. SK Goyal)
  • Objective Math…Vol-I,II (R.D. Sharma)
  • 04. Assignment(Infinity Maths)

Class Scheduling

  • Course Duration For IIT-JEE 8 Month.
  • Class will run 3 to 4 days a per week.
  • Class Duration 2 hours per day  ( Extra  classes Per day/ Sunday Available)
  • More classes may be conducted during holidays.

Course Completion

  • The syllabus of IIT-JEE is always completed one month before the examination.
  • After Course Completion :- Revision Classes & Regular Tests are conducted.
  • NOTE :- INFINITY MATHS Competitive Assignment For IIT-JEE(Main/Advance) and Other Engg Exam.

Performance For IIT-JEE